Spring 2014 Accessories: My Top Picks of the things I can’t afford, but wish to have

spring accessories pic

The streets of New York have been hoarding grey snow (Which I may call that an Ombr’e effect) for days now and we have less than two months to go before spring arrives. Now of course, every one will wear their best floral dresses, paisley scarfs and make a whole big deal about color blocking. The usual shtick that seasons really influence fashion because everyone has to be reminded that Coats are the hottest trend for Fall and Skirts are essential for Spring.

Maybe I have embraced by cynicism just a bit more during the winter, and I’m anticipating warmer weather because we are all sick and tired of the short days, gray skies and slushy snow on pavements.  Looking back at the trends for this year in Spring somehow make me feel bubbly inside because I know that I can choose to weather as much color and jewelry as i please without suffocating myself in multiple layers of clothing. So for my spring inspiration, I went to Style.com to look at the Accessories page and found a few imaginary items I would love to buy, but most likely can’t afford.

Let’s have a look shall we?

Most of the accessories for the season had color palettes like coral, soft neon, ice blue, beige and just blah. Minimalism never appeals to me, as you can tell from my blog I am all for color. Which are some are your favorite accessories for the Spring Season?

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