Confessions of a designer: Starting from nothing to hopefully the real deal

My sister photographed me during one of my sewing sessions where I was basting some bodice piece for a dress and even though its simple, I look so calm and at peace in my environment. I don’t have a show room, I have my bedroom which can only fit a few projects at a time. Although I work well in my space, I always envision what my show room/construction room is going to look like. I see myself supervising and conversing with my team, looking over patterns and dress forms draped with the spunkiest fabrics. And I would see all the hand made garments displayed on mannequins resembling museum pieces at the MET. Some place very whimsical and inspiring. Every day that passes by, I hope to better my skills sewing fabric, making patterns and sketching illustrations and keep my inspiration flowing as a designer. I don’t expect  myself to be at a point where I have a large following, but I have my clientele and I am happy with that.

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