Archery & Design (PLUS The Reveal of My New Collection!)

I’ve decided to take part in designing a collection for Archery. I had a lot to play with since the usual uniform in archery requires only common clothes. I took inspiration from one of the most famous female archers, Wonder Woman. A strong amazonian woman who is ahead of her time, stronger than most men, and has a strong hand in archery.

The main process of me designing the pieces was the be in effect of posture and stretch in the armholes. I wanted to give my girls a little more edge and style. I wanted to focus on anti-perspiration, and all around comfort.

Introduction Page

 The higher the armholes and more room in the sleeves, means more movement in the arms. The arm covers are used to for the wrist padding for the comfort of holding the arrow with out piercing the skin.

Page 4

The side panels on both the bodice and leggings/shorts are for support and firmness in the sides for ergonomic stance an archer much focus on when posing. Designing for a specific sports requires a lot of thought process and smart arrangements of comfortable fabrics and manipulations.

page 5

If you guys like my designs, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest using /designsbykika.

Page 6

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