Introducing the 2016 Print Collection from Designs by KIKA

Whether you are a student or a designer, it’s important to hold more than one title. For myself, learning all the necessary skills to work in the industry is crucial in the final semesters left at FIT. Luckily I have been introduced to the programs that FIT offers in order to give me a preview of what I am expected to know for my future.
Fabric Page 1
Fabric Page 1
Fabric Page 2
Fabric Page 3
Fabric Page 3
Flats Layout
Flats Layout
Flats Layout 2

Never would I imagine that I could design more than just clothes, but actual textiles that can be used over and over for future aesthetic. I am grateful to see how much input I can give into my collections and have the control to do what I want with my own ideas.

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