Pages from my CFDA Diary

Days after reviving my CFDA portfolio, I found my journal with very disturbing images and sketches that I have collected through out my winter break last year.

After the death of my grandfather, I had researched anatomy and the human body in general as well as Blood, LOTS OF BLOOD.

The more gore, the better.

I emotionally blocked myself from feeling pain, so I decided to view pain through the most morbid way possible.

Here are a few pages from my journal that best represent my process.

Journal Scan-2Journal Scan 2-2Journal Scan 2-3Journal Scan 3-1Journal Scan 3-2Journal Scan 3-3Journal Scan 2-1

The Revival of my CFDA Portfolio

CFDA Layout

It has been officially a year since the passing of my grandfather and I have decided to redo my CFDA portfolio and give it a different layout to refine it.

Over the course of 7 weeks, I have designed a Collection for the CFDA. A lot of time and effort has been put into this collection during a vulnerable time in my life.

I am incredibly proud of what I have accomplished and I am ready for the world to see my ability and versatility as a designer.For the entire collection, go to

Be Prepared for my CFDA Collection. Something very personal and different from the usual Designs by KIKA.




I have certain emotions and ¬†passions for what should be glamourized and appreciated in the world of Fashion. I know everyone has much as an opinion as any other individual whom chooses to be bias or be open minded. I might as well say, I’m in the middle.

Rihanna may have been awarded the Fashion Icon which I would understand why because she plays with multiple fashion personas, changes her hairstyles every day and wear some daring items. I get it. She’s young, and trendy. But oh my sweet baby Jesus, she might as well have worn pasties and a thong since she was practically wearing her own skin on the red carpet. I see this as being very vulgar and classless. No Me Gusta. I cant even pay attention to the overall ensemble because she’s flashing me with unnecessary body parts. She wanted to look glamorous with the pink champagne fur and shimmery fabric, but she looks like a Lady of the Night. What upsets¬†me is that people actually like this look and some people will even try to attempt it. Hopefully not people who are under-aged.

There are essentially no rules in Fashion, but there are those subliminal guidelines of what to do and what not to do. I just don’t understand why being nude is iconic. Or wearing skimpy outfits or looking like a slut. And maybe people dress a way to appeal to others and maybe they don’t, but I don’t respect Women in general who dress like this.