Introducing KIKA’s Senior Collection

After months of sewing late at night, peeling the skin off my fingers and holding in the tears of doubt and anxiety, I have completed by look book for my senior collection.

I am incredibly proud of the end result and I anticipate to have these shots printed and presented for my portfolio.


I shot the look book with my good friend and model, Crystal Garcia.

Let’s have a look at the process work:

I wanted to create the PERFECT HUMAN based on different materials including vinyl and neoprene. I wanted to work with puzzle pieces and how muscles work are aligned with the body.


LOOK 1: Asymmetrical Neoprene Jacket with Knit Sleeves & Collar

Wide Dome Paneled Pant with structured leg.

campaign 1campaign 2campaign 5


LOOK 2: Open Shoulder Mesh  Dress with Flounce Skirt with Vinyl Trim


LOOK 3: Jersey Stretch Cotton Open Shoulder Dress


KIKA CAMP 3KIKA CAMP 6campaign 7







My Bodysuit is Here!

I finally finished sewing my body suit and I have to saw out of all the frustration and pressure to do a phenomenal job, I managed to pull through. All I have to do is schedule a photoshoot for this piece to add to my collection. Maybe I’ll  make a few bodysuits in the future since my patterns are perfected for a seize 10 figure. 

What do you guys think?

My Muse of the Month: Designer, Gihyang Kang aka “G”

It’s rare that I meet people who have awaken my sense of compassion for the fashion world. Because it’s more than to look outside your boundaries as a Designer than to just focus on your own brand. Its about inspiring one another rather than competition. We are all on this earth for a reason and we should all value each other for our strengths.

Allow me to introduce you guys, my newest muse…

I call her G, but she’s better known as Gihyang Kang. This confident, outspoken chick is ahead of her years as a designer and is wiser than your average 23 year old. A recent graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology, G lives by the determination to learn all the essential skills to develop her own brand. And looking at her portfolio, she is well on  her way to do something amazing with her talents.

1. Whats your outlook on fashion? Do you see it as a lifestyle, do you think its superficial?

My outlook on fashion… It’s cliche answer but It’s self expression. Wordless way to express myself but strong enough to be talked by others. I think life style in 21st century is about being superficial. We all talk about getting higher self-esteem and embrace who we are, however we all know deep down inside that’s not what we think. That’s why people are shopping constantly for newest fashion items to make themselves look attractive to others even we say it doesn’t matter.
2. What kind of person do you design for? Do you have your own clientele?
As much as I can describe my ‘ideal’ customers, the reality is “everyone” who can afford to pay me. I love glamorous, feminine style. Hence, it turn out gown to theatrical clothes.  I’ve been asked to sell my clothes many times yet I’ve been only renting them.
3. When did you decided on your own style? Did you ever fall under pressure to be someone else as a designer?
I can not exactly say when I decided to be who I am as a designer. I think it developed over the time by experiencing design problem in my daily life. School is big part of my schedule at the moment. So my daily routine, I can see my student designer friends’ work.When I see some of their work, I critique in my head such as ‘It looks too Alexander Wang, Philip Lim, and etc..’ then I look at my work whether it falls under one of those category. I try to be my own person instead of be somebody else.
4. What is your favorite garment that you have made so far?
I made this burgundy dress in 2nd year in NYC for my AAS graduation piece. I honestly thought this was the key piece in my life, because this gave me lots of thought about what I am capable of and what kind of design aesthetic I have. It’s not perfect, yet it’s something effected a lot as a designer.

5. Which designers inspire you? What in general inspires you?

Among designers who’s already well established, I find Vera Wang as very inspiring woman, she’s been creating ‘dresses’ every season in different way. Something people can just think it as simple white dress, she broaden the horizon. But above some well-known designers’ talent, I am truly inspired by people’s life. When I ride a subway train, I see people’s face. Maybe 20-30 people in the car I’m riding. Means they have 20-30 life story, untold. Imagining their life story from what they are wearing, how they stand, what kind of face they are having… These things inspires me.

6. So what do are plans in the future? Do you want to have your own brand?

My future plan is to be in the place where I feel appreciated to work and stay happy. And as a designer having a brand on my own is dream for everyone. I’m hoping to be a designer sold globally though!

Check out G’s Pages at: