Another Photoshoot with KIKA

I collaborated with the ultra talented photographer, Nasrah Omar for a portfolio shoot for my Senior Collection. Here are some shots from last Saturday. The pieces were modeled by Lynn Anna (@LYNN_ANNA) and the makeup was done by Kristen Ella (@LILMISSKSTAR).final1unnamed-2final6final4final3final2


Designs by KIKA: 2015 Collections

I can finally say that I am proud of the work that I have done last semester at FIT. From balancing 9 classes and working my part time job, and trying not to lose my sanity, I admit that I have the willpower to keep going.

I am extremely proud of my work so far and I am honored to have these pieces photographed for my portfolio. Each piece is designed under the sportswear specification and I wanted to focus on color to make the eyes dance.

Sportswear is a category in fashion that is easily the most diverse market to design for. I want to challenge myself into making every day looks a little more special.

I’m now working on my collection for the CFDA as well as a few pieces being made during my 6th semester here at FIT.

It’s a lot of pressure, but I’m pushing myself in order to graduate with a phenomenal portfolio.

Designs by KIKA Update: Photoshoot Coming Soon

Every week that passes by, I try to accomplish something to further myself into making a great portfolio as well as better my skills as a new designer. I had a look at my calendar and I was in shock to see how quick my year passed and I only have a few weeks left before returning back to school. Its a bittersweet moment because I enjoyed my free time doing free lance and working at my own pace, but than I see all the experience I’m going to have in the future going back to FIT. Change is always a good thing and I never see the issue of furthering education even after graduating.

So for the few remaining weeks that I have, I have decided to schedule an upcoming photo for this Black Coat I have been working on. Its close to being finished and I have already found my model. All I need now is a space to rent out for the shoot as well as the photographer. I feel no need to stress myself out since I know my vision for this layout and I am proud of the work that I have done for the past year.

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